Monday, July 23, 2012

Post Trip Update

I am settling back into the routine of being home and resumed posting at my other blog, Toronto is My Town.

I will be slowly catching up on the missing blog posts from the tail end of my trip on this blog over the next couple of weeks. I am posting them using a post date to match the actual itinary travel date, but I will also post another little note on the actual day posted with a link to that blog.Yesterday I posted a blog which describes my climb of Mount Vesuvius on July 3rd. What an amazing climb we had up to and into the rim of the Crater. This was not the normal tourist excursion which is offered if you go to the site, it was a special trek organized by the wonderful touring company I joined (Intrepid Tours) for the last 15 days of my trip.

I still have quite a few days to catch up with - a day on a boat travelling around the island of Capri and swimming in the Blue Grotto, and sightseeing in Naples, Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano. We also had other activities I would like to tell you about such as learning how to make Gelato and a lemoncello tasting session. All in good time. I am really busy getting back into the swing of things and need to post on the other blog as well. I have a bit of time though as I am not back to work until Aug 20th - but to find out more about what is up with me in Toronto you will need to go to my Toronto blog and a post will arrive there today!

Stay tuned my friends, the next blog here will be the Capris Boating day on July 5th and I will try to have it posted by tomorrow.


Update on May 10, 2013 - Sorry for not finishing the last 2 trip days - and now I am off on another trip and have blogs to post for it.

I acquired a Gelato habit while traveling Italy. Here I am enjoying the tasty treat with the harbour of Capri in the background.



  1. I stumbled across your blog, and have found it very interesting reading about the places you've been. One that surprised me was that you have been to Assisi; when I saw the photo of Saint Franscesco church I immediately recognized it, and my mind traveled back to when I went to Italy. It seems you live life to the fullest, and that is an inspiring thing!


  2. Nice to meet you Jai! Yes, Assisi - wonderful place - glad my account brought back memories. Yes, I am trying to do as much with each day as I can. I am actually catching up for lost time. I have 5 (now grown) children and I guess I was a Mom first and foremost for 20 years. Now - it is all about me! LOL