Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wandering Venice

We had one more free day in Venice before we set off for Umbria and I opted to walk a circle around the city and to visit the Peggy Guggenheim Museum and climb the Clock Tower at St. Marco Square.

Venice is a series of islands really, there are canals which function as roads. The main area of Venice is dissected with canals, one main one - The Grande Canal cuts it in half but there are lots of little ones cris-crossing it as well. The whole of Venice is bounded by open water joined to the mainland by a long road over the water, like the one which joins Key West to Miami. I did a circle around the main bit of Venice. Aside from the time spent in the Museum and clock tower, I guess I was wandering for 4 - 5 hours. There wereswindler full views everywhere of canals, bridges and narrow winding walkways and no cars!

The following photos are from the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. There was the Wishing Tree by Yoko Ono. I wrote out my wish and placed it on the tree.

This is the place that Peggy Guggenheim's ashes - beside the site she used to bury her beloved dogs.

There were several Henry Moores displayed in the gallery. Toronto has a history with Henry Moore. His Archer is displayed at thenToronto City Hall. It generated some controversy at the time.

Tis statue was on the piazza facing the canal. Apparently Peggy was able to remove the phallus when Religious processions made their way down the Grande Canal.

St. Marco's Square and the clock tower.

A tea room at the side of the Square which offered Expresso for 6 £!

I took the follows g pictures from the top of the clock tower.

We had our "welcome dinner" that evening at a small restaurant near the hotel. It was an early night as we were to meet in the hotel the next morning at 6:30 to set off for Gubbio, which is in the center of Umbria.

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