Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 7 O Porrina to Redondela - June 24

The Albergue at Redondela
Yet another catch up blog, but this blog will be short and I will immediately get at today's blog (Thursday's) so I will then be all caught up.
The Albergue at Redondela

I had a bit of a technical picture issue today so there won't be many pictures uploaded with this blog since I seem not to be able to off load them from my SD card. I don't want to get too much into the why of it and bore you with technical details, suffice to say that my 32 gig SD card is larger than the photo software on my iPad wants to deal with. I will be able to sort this out when I get home using my desktop, but for today only 2 pictures. I was carrying a spare SD card so tomorrow's pictures should be no problem.

I was late awakening, still being on Portugal time, and was one of the last folks leaving the Albergue at nearly 8:00. However with the weather being nice and cool and my habit of not eating breakfast or having coffee before I have put in a good hour of walking, I soon caught up with a few folks the crowd somewhere near the village of Mos, which was 8 km from O Porrino. There was a nice cafe there at the town's Albergue and I stopped for my coffee and ate one of the few remaining protein bars in my stash. That was enough to fuel me for the bit of a climb over the wee mountain (ok, large hill), which came next. I treated myself to an orange at a roadside picnic table and watched about 10 pilgrims walk by.

The steep way up was followed by a steep way down and then we walked through the valley, which was mostly vineyards. It really was not a very pretty walk but with just 16.5 km I wasn't complaining.

The Albergue is a nice old stone building which also houses some sort of an art display. There are 2 dorm rooms, each with 14 beds (bunks) and hurrah! hot water showers. The Albergue few was 6 EUR.

I bought the makings for sandwiches (bread, cheese and meat) as well as fruit, so my lunch bag is well stocked for tomorrow.

I am feeling much more comfortable with the distances on this interior route. Today I was in town by 1:00, just when the Albergue was opening, which gave me its of time to do all my chores as well as catching up a couple of blogs.

I have decided that when I get to Pontevedra I will take a variation in the route to Santiago. The main route continues straight north for 2 days to Padron (16 km to Briallos and then 24 Km to Padron). Instead I will head in a bit of a North-westerly circle to Vilanova de Arousa over the 2 days (21 km to Monestario de Armenteira, then 24 km to.VN. De Arousa). The next morning I will be able to take a boat to Pontecesures which is just an extension of Padron. The catch is that the boat only goes at high tide, so I may be cooling my jets for possibly a day waiting for the next boat.

This route is called the Spiritual Varient, because it is supposed to follow the route that Saint John the Apostle's remains were carried (by boat) on their way to Santiago where they were buried, according to legend.

So tomorrow on to Pontevedra, which is a walk of 18.5 km. I will get onto that blog right away so I can then go out and celebrate with a pilgrim's menu dinner and some wine.

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