Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 8 Redondela to Pontevedra - June 25

Today I will be caught up with my blogs and hopefully I can keep on top of the daily blogs going forward. After all, I will be in Santiago in 4 or at most 5 days from today. I can tell I am getting closer to my endpoint. For a start signs like the one below are starting to appear. Also there seems to be more of a buzz of excitement at the Albergues as people realize they are on the home stretch - at least the ones who have waked from Porto or even Lisbon. For the others, the 100 km folks who started at Tui, they are just starting to get into the groove. According to this morning's distance marker when I set out, it is only 81 km to Santiago.

It seemed this morning that we had an eager crowd at the Albergue, as just about everyone was up and out the door by 6:30 or so. Considering that it was actually 5:30 Portugal time, I took my time and let the eager beavers finish in the bathroom before I got out of bed. I guess it was about 7:30 when I was on my way.

The weather was great today. It has become warmer again (low to mid 20s) and except for the fog this morning there are blue skies.

Can you see the bridge over the inlet from the Atlantic? It is mostly hidden by the fog, but was a spectacular view. From looking at my map it is over the "Ria de Vigo", but to me looks just like an inlet and part of the Atlantic Ocean.

We were soon walking along what I remember well as the sort of trails common on the Frances route through the Galacian countryside, from my last walk of the Camino in 2013.

At one point on the trail someone had created a shell mural by mounting a great number of shells and it was clear that it was an opportunity for pilgrims to leave their mark. Pilgrims passing by could eh scribe their name and nationality or some message on a blank shell. I found a blank one and left my mark for others to see.
After the town of Arcade there was a Roman bridge to cross, then it was up and over the hill you see in the distance.
The view from the bridge
A bit of residential area to navigate.
Soon we were walking through the woods following a path.
Roadside vendors Pedro and Manuel told us about the better route to get to Pontevedra coming up in a few kilometres. I also bought a cold pop, I am sure he doesn't make much cash from his roadside stand.

The sign which described the path beside the river into Pontevedra. I felt comfortable striking out without the arrows given that there was an official sign announcing the path.

The path was lovely and ran beside the little river all the way. I was amazed at how clear it was. There was a sandy bottom and it was moving quite quickly.

The pathway came out at the road just a hundred yards from the Albergue. Quite a nice walk!
The entrance to the Albergue can't be missed!

The Spanish like their bread freshly delivered daily. Odd that the white baguette is very popular (not much multigrain here!) and is probably what gets stuffed into this chute!



  1. Nothing like a big hard white bun fresh from the bakery!

  2. We took the variation route last September. The last part is a it of a climb with some fantastic views. I remember the second day as mostly between a small river - very peaceful and very enjoyable. On the first night you can stop at the restaurant beside the monestery and the barkeep will direct you to the albergue and will contact the owner who will meet you at the albergue. On the second day as you get close to VN de Arousa you will pass athe gates of a vineyard. If open go in. It is run by a very pleasnt young woman. You should call ahead to reserve a place on the boot. If he has no customers he probably won't run and on the boat be sure to hang on. ENJOY

  3. Thanks Dennis for the info - much appreciated! I have been told that the boat will leave at noon- the schedule is dictated by the tides. Not sure if I can get there in time in which case I will stay the night at VN de Arousa.bibundestand there is a beach. :)