Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Logroño - Day 10

I arrived in Logroño yesterday. This is the view that greets you as you enter the city.  Not too shabby. Logroño is located on the Ebro river and is the capital of the autonomous community of  La Rioja (as in the well known wine region). Population 151,000.  

I am staying at the Entresueño Albergue, right on the main drag, on Portales. It is a wide boulevard filled with sidewalk cafes and shops in the centre of all the action. Just perfect. I am sitting at a cafe with a glass of local wine while I write this. I took today as a "rest day", meaning staying in place, walking the city rather than to a new location. I spent most of today trying to sort out my blogging software and after mucho hours I seem to be in business.  Well, as best as I am going to be anyway. I could bore you with a long description of the challenges in getting this together, but I can feel your eyes gloated over at the thought.  I have to catch up with the blogs, but I will start with today and try to both keep up with future days and slowly catch up with those I have missed.

This is the crowd I have been loosely travelling with. We all met in St. Jean Pied de Port and for the most part have pretty much kept together (minus 2 losses due to injury) for the last 10 days but  yesterday the group seemed to come undone when time pressures and other priorities resulted in a divergent path for many of us. I am in no rush as I have plenty of time to mosey down the camino trail, but others are on tighter schedules. So it seems I am falling behind.   The good news is that I may have more time to blog. That said, my blogging software is not working well and taking me a long time since it is screwing up regularly. Hopefully I can get things sorted out. 

We got to see some performance art in the main plaza yesterday. Apparently this is what happens when you have too much "informatíca".  Looked like a disaster practice for the Red Cross in the war of the boat anchor PCs. LOL 

I am heading to Navarette tomorrow - about 12 km - and according to the weather forecast I will be walking during a full day of rain. Good thing I brought my Altus raincoat, which covers my pack and keeps me dry above the knees. Perhaps tomorrow's picture will be me impersonating a drowned  rat.

Well it seems that the rain is almost upon us so I will need to abandon my courtyard and seek cover.  Will post this and try and sort out some more software wrinkles before posting again. Buenas Tardes.

One thing you may wish to check out is my last blog when I walked the Camino in 2015. I have been dying to catch the town's I missed last time (hence Logroño), last ime I walked from Viana to Navarette from Estelle. This time I will  walk tfromn Logrono to Logroño.  Anyway, if you want more Camino blog of a similar time of year in a place about 10 km east, go here>

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  1. The rain never seems to stop here, Peggy, so we have that in common at the moment.

    Rain or no rain, I hope you are enjoying your new adventure and I hope you will find both the time and the technique for posting along the way.