Saturday, May 6, 2017

A New Camino Begins

Just testing this new manner of creating blogs - having just discovered that my blogging tools from my last trip don't work.  Before writing more, I will upload this photo showing the albergue I have stayed in these past 2 days, to acclimatize prior to my bus ride to St Jean Pied de Port today, and camino start tomorrow. Got to head out now into this gorgeous day so will put up a proper post sometime in the next day or so, presuming this works,  

Unfortunately, the google software blogging software is not available offline, so I may not be able to post as often. We shall see.


  1. I see France beckons.

    Good luck, on your new adventure, Peggy. I will look forward to "accompanying" you on your latest trek via your posts.

    1. Thanks Fram, glad to see you are following. We will see how much blogging I am able to do, but first I need to sort out how to use some new blogging tools on my iPad, hopefully things will work out.