Friday, November 27, 2015

The last week at San Miguel

It has been a busy week, and I scarce have time to write this blog before I head out on today's trip to Comonfort, a small town to the south-east of here to shop. So I will be brief with my text and promise more commentary and some SMA observations on my blogs yet to come.
Tuesday, we bussed out to the "Tuesday Market", on the edge of town. The local buses are cheap and frequent here on the main routes - only 5 pesos a ride. First we visited the real mall - an outdoor mall with an almost tastefully subdued MacDonalds (no Golden Arches) - the only fast food joint I have seen since coming.

The Tuesday market is a big flea market style market which is set up for a day in San Miguel and moves to another community for the next day. It is huge and it is hard to believe that they put everything out for the day and then pack it up and haul the stuff elsewhere, only to do the same again tomorrow. There were all manner of stuff and at reasonable prices.

On the way back to the centre of the city we wandered into the gardens at the Hotel MisiĆ³n, which hosts the local Rotario Service Club. They are having a pancake breakfast on Saturday.

As we walked back to town, we wound our way down the big hill upon which half the town is perched. There were stairs down and some very nice condos with spectacular views.

On Wednesday, we went to a friend's home for a pot luck lunch and a few games of Rummikub. I had never played it before but it was easily learned and lots of fun. Organized games are big in SMA - some clubs meet in the various bars and cafes and others meet in homes. There is also a Pickleball League here which plays every weekday morning. Rummikub was a little like rummoli and a little like dominos - matching tiles on the table to get rid off the tiles in your hand.

That night we went to Los Milagros for their 2 for 1 happy hour for the senior set. For only 60 pesos (less than $5.00!) and we got dinner as well! They served a complementary plate of enchiladas as part of their 2 for 1 offer. There were about 20 of us sat around a long row of joined up tables, enjoying the live music. This is a must go stop for a lot of the local gringos each week.

Thursday was American Thanksgiving and Marc and Sue's friend Ellen was kind enough to extend an offer for me to attend. We all brought a dish or two and so there was enough food for an army!

Down the street from my Casa is a garage which uses the street as its repair bays. Quite frequently, when I am walking by, they are preparing and painting cars right on the street.

I am heading into my last days here, so not sure if I will get to write another blog before I am on my way home. Tomorrow we are taking a bus into the larger city of Guanajuato to spend the day site seeing. Sunday there is a gallery opening followed by a Grey Cup party. Monday morning I am being whisked to the Queretaro airport for my flight home.

I plan to write a blog to reflect on my time here and compare it to my previous "wandering pilgrim" holiday, walking across Spain. Stay tuned next week for that.

Buenos noches mi amigos!


  1. I have been absent from home myself for an extended Thanksgiving holiday .... hence, my late arrival here.

    I am glad to see all is well down Mexico way ....

  2. Yes, all is well and I am packing up ready to fly back to cold Toronto today. Nice to hear you had a good ole family Thanksgiving. Thanks for your blog comments during this trip, it is great to know that someone else is reading my blogs and getting to know SMA a little bit.