Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trying to Settle into a Bit Slower Routine

Since Sunday the weather has heated up a fair bit and today I have been enjoying time just sitting in the sun and reading, at least for a bit of the day rather than my usual dashing about. But time is marching so I thought I had better get a bit of a blog written and get on to my other writing.

On Sunday, after my day's writing was finished, I got out for a walk to the Mega Store (the large grocery store I visited on my second day here), and picked up a few things with a mind to cook myself some dinner. I really didn't need much, but enjoyed the walk as I did a big circle tour around town. It is a long weekend here for Mexicans - apparently they have a lot of those, and at those times Mexican visitors come to town for the weekend from Mexico City and even further afield. The Plaza Principal was really crowded and so I did not stop long in that area. Instead, I visited the Artisanal market and spent a fair bit of time wandering through shops with crafts looking at locally made items, thinking about what I might like to bring home.

Once I got to my casita, I made a great pasta dish and some cream of broccoli soup for dinner, the second half of which waits in the fridge destined for today's main meal. Broccoli soup is dead easy to make when you have a blender and it is great that the Casa is equipped with one, so I can make cream soups as well as smoothies.

On Monday I met a new friend for lunch and had the special,soup and sandwich, at the D'Martin Cafe across from the library. Good thing I enjoy broccoli soup as it was the soup of the day. I guess I will be eating that three days running with what I have left from my Sunday meal.
I met Sara at the film I attended at the library in my first week here. Since she summers in Toronto we decided to meet and chat for a longer time over lunch. I am making lots of new friends here, a surprising number of which are from Canada. Sara is not from Canada, but her partner is from Toronto, so she spends summers with him there. She has been visiting SMA for quite a few years.
At the corner by the Library there were folks making and selling dried flower wreaths. The smaller ones could be worn around the head like a hat.

After lunch, I went for a long walk to work off some calories before dinner and then a bunch of us met at the Café Monet for their Monday night film special, where they serve up a fixed price dinner, salad, main, and dessert as well as a glass of wine and a coffee for only 200 pesos. All this and a movie too. The place was packed and they do this every Monday night. This week's movie was Train Wreck, a baudy romantic comedy, written by and starring Amy Schumer. Excellent movie and fun night out with a bunch of new friends.

This Casa is on my street. Look up in the balcony at the tree.
Imagine having pomegranates growing on your balcony!
This cell tower installation was hidden behind a wall. - look up!


This is what was hiding the cell tower! An artificial pine tree!
Poinsettias growing in the Parque Juárez.
Interesting sculpture at Parque Juárez
I always scan the real estate advertisements


My next blog will be on Friday


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  1. I wish I had some of your sun and heat right now, Peggy. Nothing but rain for me, and daytime highs will only be in the low thirties Fahrenheit by Thursday.

    With so much to see and to do in San Miguel, I am surprised you are taking any time for reading.

    I keep wanting to mention that I love the way they take care of trees.