Monday, November 23, 2015

Going out to the Campo to Zandunga

Yesterday, we went with a friend of Marc and Sue's to an afternoon meal/musical event at a venue out in the campo - the country - to an event known as Zandunga, which is held every Sunday afternoon. For 400 pesos we got an all you can eat Mexican buffet and a small sample marguarita and a few hours of music in a beautiful country setting. It was the first time I had been out of the city since arriving at SMA and it was wonderful to get out and see some wide open spaces, fields mostly, with a gentle foothills mountain backdrop.

A relaxing afternoon!
Waiting in line for food

There were samples of local olives and olive oil to scoop up while in line.

We were served 2 quesadillas of choice (I had the pollo de chipotle) and 2 filled tortillas with some sort of meat on a vertical spit which reminded me of a Greek gyro. There were a dozen or so sides and toppings which made for a very tasty dish. There was also BBQ chicken, although I was so full after the main I did not go back for the chicken.

The sun was not at a good angle for the picture of the restaurant/concert venue, but here it is - much nicer than shown. I would guess it could seat around a hundred or so. I heard the venue was sold out - all to gringos of a certain age by the look of things. LOL

The music was very good, although we were quite preoccupied in the outer part of the restaurant chatting with new friends, local residents and neighbours in the Campo.

A cow crossing as we headed back to the city.

Once we were back in the city we stopped at Restaurant MX - a Milongas venue with Joanne, who is a tango dancer. Tango dancers meet here twice a week. I am not able to tango, but enjoyed watching the couples glide over the dance floor.

On the way home we passed the Jardin Principal, where they had set up a stage and a band was playing. Every weekend here is a cause for celebration. The night was warm and it seemed everyone was out enjoying the music. This weekend's Fiesta was in honour of St Cecilia, who is the patroness of musicians and whose feast day is Nov 22nd.

Only one week today and I will be in the air on my way back to Toronto. Back to cold and snow by the sounds of things. Not my preference, but maybe I will be able to get away again soon and escape some of the winter weather.

I have a busy week as I try to cram on all the important sights and activities. Stay tuned for my next post on Friday.


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  1. If you want a thought from the wintry side of the continent, Peggy, I would suggest you arrange for a tango lesson or two through your new acquaintance. You might recall that I am a film addict, and two scenes which stay in my mind are Robert Duvall and the actress who became his wife dancing in the movie, "Assassination Tango," and Bruce Willis and an actress performing in a "hot rendition" in the movie "Sunset" -- one of my all-time favorite films, incidentally, for a number of reasons. You could warm up Toronto a bit on your return with the tango.

    Well, enjoy your last week in San Miguel .... have fun and take care ....