Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A walk up to the Chorro

Just a short blog today - lots to do!

After my morning writing I went walking in the area I mentioned I my last blog - the Washer Woman Plaza, which lies roughly in the area of the Juárez Parque, just a little further north east.

You can see the row of washing basins along the back walls of the plaza. The water runs in a channel behind the basins. While no one was using them while I was there, I was told they are still used by some of the local families to wash their clothes in the fresh spring water.

Next, I walked up the long winding path to the El Chorro and the Casa de Cultura. This was a building which housed the city's water works, located at the site of a natural spring. Now it is a place that offers classes in Mexican dancing, painting and music.

The view from the patio, high on the hill, was pretty impressive.

I walked along the top of the hill and then made my way down one of the pretty streets.

At the Plaza Civica, I came upon a long line of men on horseback, making their way through the centre of town. Not sure what all that was about.

I ended up at Starbucks, where I chatted with someone from Victoria BC and spent some time writing in their lovely patio.

I met Susan at the Parque Prinicipa at 5 and we went to the "Women's Club" meeting. It isn't really a club. They have a table booked at a hotel bar and it functions as a meeting place where women who want to meet other women can meet over a drink and chat.

It is a small world for sure. I met a lady at the session who I had walked with on the Camino in Spain in 2012. She lives in Stratford and now is wintering in SMA. We shared a bit of time reminiscing about out time together on the Camino.

It was an early night for sure, but I am quite comfy in my Casita and ready to spend some down time for the evening.

Now, I must get on to my writing projects. Hasta mañana!

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  1. San Miguel appears to be a very prosperous town, which is not the way I have become accustomed to thinking of Mexico -- except, of course, for the popular "seaside resort" cities. I think I need to look into it more.

    It really is a small world in terms of crossing paths with people from your past or encountering someone with links to people or places in your past. Some of these meetings seem like they were meant by some design to happen.

    The "ride of the vaqueros" through town makes me curious.

    Do not worry about responses to my comments, Peggy. I am content to see via your posts that you are enjoying yourself and accomplishing some positive achievements.