Thursday, March 8, 2012

2nd Week in Cuba

Internet sure sucks big time here. So I will keep it brief.

Varadero was great and the travel back to Havana easy peasy.

I am meeting lots of folks and having a great time.
I enrolled in my Spanish classes and have 2 classes under my belt! Lots of studying to do for sure as it is an intensive course. It is half days for 4 weeks so I should be able to find my way around the language by the time I head for Spain!

The Casa is great - Ramirez cooks a great breakfast!
I am walking lots and soaking up the local culture.

Oh, ya did I mention - Internet sucks. I bought a 5 hour wifi card for $35, which is cheaper than the $10 an hour at the Internet "cafe" but it is so slow I haven't been able to download mail.

The blogs will need to wait until I get back.


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