Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hemingway Trail

El Floridita - apparently the cradle of the daiquiri.   I passed on that treat and instead mugged in front of the camera with the gentleman himself. LOL,  well sort of.   I am checking off each of the Hemingway "must see" and will have done the lot before I leave Havana. Will save the observations for a later blog.

I am heading to the western province of Pinar de Rio on Sabada to Vinales to see the beautiful mountains and do some hiking.  Don't tell anyone that I am skipping  classes on Monday and Tuesday!  The Pope arrives next week and I understand that everyone gets a holiday as "The Party" (as they call the governing body) has ordered everyone to go to the mass which will be held at the Plaza de la Revolucion on Wednesday.  My Casa is only 5 minutes from the Plaza, I am wondering what the spectacle will be like.
I am attempting to upload a picture. If it takes forever this will be the last one I upload until I get home.

OK, so the picture appeared to upload from Havana, but obviously did not arrrive in my blog, so I have uploaded it now.

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