Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hola from Cuba - Wow how time flies!

Hard to believe that I have 2 weeks of Spanaish lessons under my belt and that I have only 2 weeks of my Cuba adventure left! The classes are fantastic for many reasons, but I fear my poor little brain will not do justice to the number of Spanish words my profesor has tried to cram into my brain - not to mention the grammar! Mucho dificil! The good news is that I have enough Spanish to eavesdrop on conversations around me and understand the jist of it. I will however need to work on my verbal skills as I am challenged by the pronunciation and the grammar. I had no idea that there were so many forms of each simple verb! Tonight I am going to a party at the Casa of one of my classmates. The Spanish classes have been a great way to meet others as we all have the common goal to learn the language and as it turns out most of us are solo travellers. We have formed a little "United Nations" and have bonded during our 2 weeks of "Yo estoy mui bien. Como es tu?". There are several young guys from China just out of high school, a couple of gals from Korea, a couple from Bulgaria, a couple of guys from eastern Europe, a couple of Germans, a Swiss and a Swedish lady, one English girl on her gap year, a French gentleman who arrived from Europe having sailed on his boat from France and, of course a few of us from Canada. I have made many friends. This can't be a long blog, as I mentioned in an earlier blog, the Internet is slow and expensive and I am not able to upload any pictures. So details need to wait until the first week of April when I am back in Toronto for 10 days before I leave for Spain. So I will bid you Adios!

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  1. You do have a mini United Nations studying the Spanish language.