Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Calzadilla de la Cueza to Sahagun May 26

The day started very cold - I wore gloves- but it sure warmed up nicely! Some people find the Meseta boring and a hard slog, but I like it. No big hills to huff and puff over and miles of waving grain fields. In addition to the vague outline of the mountains on the horizon to the north, we now have a suggestion of mountains to the west; the end of the Meseta in view.


I have met a few Perigrinos Perros (dogs), and last night 2 slept in the courtyard. One was with it's owner,nwho pitched a tent,the other slept outside by the boots, waiting patiently for its owner who was snoring soundly inside.

Dogs foot pads are not that tough, and this smart owner had fitted out its dog with boots. He didn't like them too much so as many pilgrims do, the boots came off at the rest stop.

It was a great day to walk, the winds had died down and the sky was blue. The sun was hot and promised good weather for sitting outside in the afternoon. There were lots of small villages to stop and take a break at, Ldigos, Terradillos de Los Templaroos, Moratinos and San Nicolas. The hit at Moratinos featured bodegas (Wine cellars) built into the hill - no it is not hobbit town!

The long and winding road... Not really, long, yes, but pretty straight west.

Before long we passed the border of Palencia and the Region of Castille y Leon in the Province of Leon, and the day's destination was in sight. Sahagun was visible in the distance for a full hour before I actually entered the city.

On the outskirts was this very nice Park around the Ermita de la Virgin del Puente (there is a bridge over the Rio Valderaduey nearby). A good place to take a break and enjoy midday shade in the hot Spanish sun.


The Abergue - Domus Viatoris was great for 7 EUR. It was both a hostal (sort of motor hotel) and an Albergue.


I purchased a train ticket to Leon (70 km away) for the next day - what a deal for 6 EUR!

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  1. I remember the bodegas in the hills which could have inspired Tolkein's Hobbitt Town!