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Los Arcos to Viana - May 14

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Today was a very nice day. The temps have cooled down to 22 and a good wind has come up so made for a much more pleasant walk. Also, I walked with music today and that had me skipping down the way to the sounds of my tunes. Soon I will be able to enjoy the walk a bit more, having gained sufficient strength to walk without so much difficulty.


I was unsure how far I would get today. The day was so nice, I had idle thoughts of perhaps being able to walk the full 28 km to Logrono, but by the time I got to Viana at about 1:00, my feed were sore. I have been nursing a small blister on my baby toe and decided not to push it. I checked into the first Albergue into town - Albergue Izar, and for 8 EUR have a bed in a pretty nice private Albergue in a dorm room of 16 people. There are a total of 40 beds in this Albergue in rooms of various sizes.

In all I walked just over 18 km in 6 hours having left Los Arcos at 7 am.there was some very beautiful farmland we passed and a couple of typical Spanish towns to stop for a bocedilla and a cafe con leche. There was one major mountain ridge to cross - Alto N.S. Del Poyo at 570 metres - a climb of only 170 metres so not so tough.

Ok, so I am getting a bit annoyed at my blogging tool, having re typed the next two paragraphs a couple of times. It keeps crashing and although I have saved my work somehow the saves didn't work. So I will finish up and post what I have. I guess the Internet is too slow here - uploading photos is causing the software to crash. I was trying to upload a photo while I was writing the blog, which worked at the library yesterday, but is not working today with the slow Albergue internet.

Viana is a pretty little walled town on the outskirts of Logrono. From my Pilgrimage Cultural book, it was quite a booming city in the Middle Ages. The walls of the city are almost intact and inside is a castle as well as a church and municipal office around the central plaza and of course housing for the population. I would guess the central street running the distance from one wall to the opposite wall is about a km, and there are 4 parallel streets running the length of the walled town. I have scouted out a nice place for my dinner and for 11 EUR I will get a salad, a main course, bread and wine and dessert.

Tomorrow I think I will only go as far as Navarette, which is about 22 km down the road and with of course, one smaller mountain ridge to climb, Alto Grajera at 520 metres, 120 metres above Logrono. We are slowly making our way over this range of mountains which will peak at Alto de Pedraja at 1149 metres above sea level, in 5 or 6 days time. I have travelled 152.5 km so far.

I wish I could load some pictures. If I find a place with better wifi I will up,old one or two later today.


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  1. Despite the lack of photos, your blogs are entertaining and informative - just what the camino addict needs. Thanks!