Sunday, May 24, 2015

Puente de Itero (San Nicolas) to Villalcazar de Sirga - May 24

Breakfast was at 6:30 and we were grateful for the coffee, bread and jam before setting off. I was very impressed with the 3 men (did I mention they wouldn't let us help with dishes after dinner?). They bid us each farewell with a besso (kiss) on each cheek and beamed at us proud that we were setting off and continuing our journey.

The morning was miles of beautiful fields and fluffy white clouds. The weather was much the same as yesterday, but with a bit less sun.

I had my morning bocadilla at Boadilla del Camino and carried on with thoughts of trying to get as far today as I did yesterday.

The town is known for it's Dovecotes. Not sure if they still have doves living there but I saw this more modern version a bit farther down the street.

I am fascinated by the irrigation systems they have here on the Meseta. We walked along the Norde Canal de Castilla, which directed the waters from the mountains to the north to the grain fields of the Meseta.

The major town (the overnight stop for Pilgrims keeping a 20 km daily distance) was Formista. It was pretty sleepy at 10:30 on Sunday morning. I decided to press ahead after stopping for a drink of KAS Limon (a cross between go rite and lemonade). I had only gone a distance of 15 km and so had lots of steam left.

The next several hours were pretty much on a path paralleling the highway to Carrion de Los Condes. It was pretty easy walking and the time passed quickly as I listened to my iPod. There was a tiny village every 5 km or so and so was pleasant walking,

Notice the trees in this plaza. It is something I have seen a fair bit Since Sain Jean and first saw on my last Camino at Zamora. The branches are cut short and joined with the tree next so as to provide ample shade in summer. I believe these trees must be late budding. Most had only 8 or so inches of growth and leaves. It would be great to see what they look like once they have grown through the summer.

Ancient Pilgrim and Modern Pilgrim
Do you see the little dog in the wagon?

After another 15 km I decided to quit for the day and stay at Villacazar de Sirga, a village of about 600 folks. I had travelled 28.6 km and it was the second long day in a row and my feet were starting to hurt. Best to relax and catch up on my blogs!

I have checked into the Municipal Albergue, which is a donativo (no dinner or breakfast though). After showering and washing clothes, I chatted briefly with Mike from Michigan, who is the Hospitalaro, before high tailing it to the bar to find food and WIFI.

We will see how far I go tomorrow. I probably shouldn't push it. I don't want to do in my feet at this late stage


  1. Wow Peggy you are sure pushing it. I stayed overnight in Boadilla and then Carrion de los Condes (coming up for you). I stayed there with the nuns. Nice beds, no bunks, and quilted coverlets. lol. Wonderful pilgrims blessing in church but you must be in by curfew, or you are locked out. How much further do you think you get... Leon? or are you stopping in Sahagun to catch train for Zamora? So curious about Zamora for sure! Ultreia my friend... only 5 more weeks until I leave.

  2. Beautiful pics!!!...lucky dog doesn't have to