Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Puente la Reina to Estella - May 12th

Date Added: May 12

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I was on the road at 7 am today as the hot trend continues. I am getting into the groove a bit and because there were fewer uphill stretches I arrived at 2:30. The distance from Puente la Reina was 21.9 km (23.4 adjusted for altitude)

I set off without coffee or breakfast to maximize the time walking in the cool of the morning. It was very pleasant and the countryside was beautiful. It was about 5 k to the first village and I was able to get coffee con leche and an egg and ham sandwich for breakfast andick up a banana and orange for lunch on the road. There were 3 really cute villages on the way and this broke up the distance nicely.

Estelle is a larger town than I had pictured but I had no trouble finding the My bed for the night (Albergue Parroquial San Miguel) and settling in with about 35 other souls. There are 2 dorm rooms, each with about 18 beds - 9 bunks. There is a very tiny kitchen and a main room with a large table with several benches around it. The Hospitalera had set out some water in a pitcher and coffee and tea free for the taking. There was also a few biscuits and some candies. This is a "donativo" Albergue which means you give what you can. The Hospitalera, from Germany, was working there on her own. This is a much more modest Albergue than the "donativo" I will be staffing at Zamora in June.

I have noticed that some of my fellow perigrinos are one by one dropping out or taking some time away from the road. There are also the walking wounded, who are continuing to walk despite injury. For me, so far so good - although I wonder how I will fare tomorrow when it is supposed to be as hot or hotter than today and the route a bit more difficult due to a major ascent. Please know that 30 degrees in the shade is a lot hotter in the Spanish sun - there are no clouds in the sky. Even 21 degrees seems to me to be hot while walking in the sun. It is tough on everyone.

That said colder weather (and rain) is on the way, so I will be complaining about that next. The good news is that I can feel myself getting stronger.

So now I need to find dinner as I am starving. I will leave uploading pictures to another time - it takes about 10 min per pic, so you will understand why I chose to add the pictures later when I have a bit more time and only when the wifi is fast. Today is good - I am in the library at Estella. If it is open after supper I might be able to upload a few photos. We will see.




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