Monday, May 25, 2015

Villacazar de Sirga to Calzadilla de la Cueza - May 25

Blog Uploaded May 25th - only 1 pic due to slow internet.


Today was another wonderfully sunny day, nice temp for walking not so much for sitting outside. Last. Isn't I went to sleep to the sounds of a street party, as the town was having a fiesta honouring their Patron Saint. I was tired enough that it didn't keep me awake and safely tucked into my upper bunk I. My sleeping bag topped with a blanket, I had a nice sleep.

This morning's treat was boiled eggs! At the Albergues which provide breakfast the usual fare is bread and jam and coffee and that is about it. At this municipal Albergue the Hospitalaro provided hard boiled eggs and juice - a much better option.

After a brisk 6 km walk I was in Carrion de Los Condes and my breakfast stop. I had a coffee and a pastry and then finished off the half of yesterday's bocadilla that I had saved. The spot I stopped in doubled as the bus stop and advertised bus service to Leon leaving at 11:30. Before long there were a few pilgrims wandering in who planned to bus forward. We all had a great chat - these were ladies I had spent time with at various of the Albergues enroute.

The town, population 2,200 was a reasonably size but did not take too long to walk through.

The next section was 17 km through the countryside and by 10:00 I had left the town and was walking the long country road westward.

It was really a nice day to walk such a stretch. To the north, we could see the siloette of the mountains to the north, but mostly it was just the lonely tree lined road and fields (no houses).

There were a couple of rest stops, treed areas with picnic tables, but no water fountains and no toilets.

I arrived at the small village of Calzadilla de la Cueza at around 2:00 and checked into the Municipal Albergue which had -guess what! - a swimming pool! That said, the only thing it was good for was as a cold foot bath as it was unheated. Good if your feet were hurting as it numbed them in about 30 seconds.


I wandered around town for a bit (took about 3 minutes to walk all the streets), and then ended up at the town Cafe//Bar/Restaurant chatting with other pilgrims.


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  1. A very small village, after a grueling walk - for me anyway! You are doing so well - when are you leaving for Zamora, or will you make it to Santiago first?