Monday, May 18, 2015

Granon to Belorado - May 18

you can see the mist in the valley www past days ago.

Today was a slow day. Started slow and my walking day ended early as I just didn't have much steam. Perhaps, I was paying a price for the huge dinner last night or maybe it was a poor night's sleep but in any case I found it difficult to keep up a good stride today.

The weather today is spectacular. Blue sky's and warm temps really make it a better day for sitting on the patio with a glass of sangria than tramping down the road but no matter, I had a great view. I had better enjoy today, I hear that we are going back to cold and rain tomorrow.

We were warned at the Albergue last night that we were not to get out of bed before 6:30 and that there would be a community breakfast at 7:00. I decided to go with the flow and sleep in and have breakfast at the Albergue, rather than rush off early as is my usual start. Of course, there were some folks who ignored the directive and I was woken to the sounds of 4 or so of my room mates rustling about and getting ready to leave at 5:00 am. I slept fitfully until 6:30 with all the commotion. Then woke up to my breakfast of coffee, bread and jam. I probably should have given that a pass. I was on the road at 7:40.

At the edge of town there was a nice viewpoint of the countryside around and I was able to capture the first photos above showing the way I have come and the valleys behind me filled with mist. I was amazed at the tones of green I saw in the fields around me.

Over the first hill we saw our first coffee stop, a typical little Spanish town with a bar/cafe open early and a bunch of tables and chairs set out in the street for the pilgrims to use. I do enjoy a glass of fresh sqeezed OJ and the bread and jam this morning didn't give me the protein that I craved. A hueve bocadilla (fried egg on a bun) and a glass of zumo and I was back on the road.

We literally followed the road today. The N120 is the highway which goes from Logrono to Burgos and then path paralleled the highway for the most part. We walked through fields of wheat, oats and beans to the sounds of the trucks zooming by. Mostly though the fields were growing wheat.

About 9:30 we passed into the Autonomous Region of Castille y Leon into the province of Burgos. The City of Burgos is now advertised on the highway signage and is about 50 km distant. Two good days walk from here.

Walked through a couple more sleepy towns and then into Belorado, a pretty typical small town with a market in full swing in the town square. It was only 12:30 when I checked into the Municipal Albergue, but I was just not interested in going further. The Albergue doubled as a restaurant and as we checked in, the operator of the Albergue carefully explained that we would get the best food in town here from his kichen. He quickly followed with the note that we were free to eat anywhere and that he was just providing this as information.

Today I managed to put in only 15.7 km before throwing in the towel. Tomorrow I will need to do better as there are 23.8 km (26.7 km adjusted for the ascent over 2 peaks) to go before I get to my intended destination of San Juan de Ortega.



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