Friday, April 13, 2012

A Day in Grenada as Seville Draws to a Close


We have a lot to do today to get ready for tomorrow so I will keep this short. Tomorrow we start walking!

The weather here is a bit cooler than expected. Warm enough in the daytime in Seville, but cooler at night and definitely jacket weather for me at about 10-12 degrees.

Yesterday Barb and I did a day tour to Granada to see the Alahambra. We got off to a rude start when my alarm failed me (in truth, I failed it with an a.m. / p.m. Shift) and when we rushed off to catch our bus I had left my tour voucher in the room! Fortunately the vouchers really are redundant - the man has a list of names - so no big deal. We climbed onto the bus and napped the 3 hours to Grenada.

It was rainy and much colder in Grenada. It is at a higher elevation and the the morning was damp and quite windy, so not pleasant to wander around. But it was well worth the journey and braving the elements.


The Alahambra definitely lived up to its reputation! It is actually a whole walled city with 3 different castles inside! It is a wonder and is so beautiful in the intricacy of the design and finishing details. I was amazed to be standing in the room where Christopher Columbus received the money from Queen Isabella to finance his first expedition to find the New World! I will write more later about our trip for sure!


It poured rain as we left the Alahambra but that was short lived and the sun came out for the afternoon. A nice meal and some wine fortified us for the return journey home to our hostel, where Ian, who has now arrived to join our little walking group, had dinner waiting!

What a view of Granada from the walls of the Alahambra which is on the mountainside above!

Today we mail our "non Camino" things to the end point at Santiago de Compostela and get our backpacks and "Credentials" ready as tomorrow is day 1 of the walk. I also have to collect my iPhone from the repair shop - somehow it became "un-jailbroken" prior to my leaving Toronto and I had to get that done again so that the Spanish sim card I bought will work. Unlimited data for only 8 Euros a month! Nice because the mapping/locating features in the Camino app i have work best with connectivity.



  1. I think I repeat myself... but love the pictures! Must be so nice to be over there...

  2. Actually the pictures don't do it justice. I would like to go back again sometime but in May when the flowers are at their peak.