Saturday, April 28, 2012

Embalse de Alcantara - Day 14

Finally, Internet! I have uploaded the last two days blogs and can now tell you about today.

When we left Caceres it was cloudy but no wind nor rain! There was a nice path out of town and then a long trudge along the highway for 11 km until we got to Caser de Caceres, which was a nice town with a very long main street. In fact, I think the town was just about strung out along the one main street. After a stop for a cafe con leche and a tortilla we headed out of town for the 22 km trek through the farm pastures to our next destination. The day steadily improved and by 1:30 the sun had come out and our coats were off! The scenery was wonderful as we walked high on the high point/ridge between two valleys. There were plenty of cows and sheep as we moved between gated farmers fields.

 There were blue sky's until we we're nearly at the Albergue, then the sky opened. Hail and rain came down in buckets and suddenly we were once again in the wet as we tried to quickly don our rain gear. As we sheltered in a driveway against the rock a car pulled up and made room for the two wet pilgrims and drove us the two km down the road to the path to the Albergue. As they say "the Way Provides". Barb had motored ahead and had reached the Albergue before the rain started so she was there to greet us as we arrived.

The Albergue del Embalse de Alcántara is really special. At the end of a long gravel road down to the reservoir so a bit off the camino path, but  it is very modern  - it was built in 2009 - and as you can see from the pics the bunk rooms are on 2 levels so the uppers can be accessed directly.   There were lockers and electrical charging posts built into the beds.  Also a laundry service and a dryer if desired!  Dryers are extremely rare - most people hang clothes to dry and there were lines available for those that preferred. The view from the front door and from the community room is superb! At only 16 EU including breakfast, it is a deal.

 The Hospitalera served coffee or vino and sold tinned stews and bread for us Perigrinos to feast on.  She also did laundry and looked after everyone's needs - a busy and efficient person but still had a smile and a cheerful hello.

We all settled in for dinner and with a great bar with good red wine at only 1.60 EU there soon were a very happy bunch of Peregrinos ready to party hearty on Saturday night!

The view from the front of the Albergue is absolutely wonderful!
Tomorrow is a decent 16.3 km and if the weather holds we will be smiling as we arrive at our Albergue tomorrow.
Hasty mañana amigos!

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