Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Merida - Day 10

The walk to Merida was easy peasy - 14 km through a wide valley of olive and grape fields (no surprise) and then beautiful parkland as we entered the city through an old Roman Bridge. We are staying here for our rest day and will explore the ruins tomorrow. Hard to believe that we have done 216 km! Over 1/5th complete!
You can see the modern bridge which is just a kilometer further down the road towering over the "Puente Romano" which we crossed to get into town. 

 The bridge is one of the longest built by the Romans. Hard to believe that people have been crossing this bridge since before Christ.

You can only stay one night in the albergues so we decided to treat ourselves with a hotel and we have a very nice small hotel right in the center of the old part of the city. Barb and I are sharing a room with a private bath at only 36 EU a night!

Got to run now, siesta time is over and I need to go out and shop before we head out to dinner at 9:00. This is the first big city since Sevilla and we all have a list of things we have lost or sent ahead in error (remember our effort to lighten packs?) and now we need to replace a few things. I have lost a t-shirt and my European plug adapter for my chargers and Ian some how ended up with no change of pants. (We had a good laugh one evening as he walked around wearing a blanket while his pants were being washed LOL). So shopping tonight and exploring tomorrow. We will be checking out the Roman ruins and I will try to find time to post some photos tomorrow evening.
Hasta maƱana amigas!

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