Monday, April 16, 2012

Castilblanco de Los Arroyos - Day 2

First let me explain that I have been somewhat challenged by my blogging tools and so have not posted as often as I have wanted. I had a great first day out post uploaded but my off line blogging app screwed it up and all was lost. :( Now I am just using my online app which means I can only blog when I have connectivity and that is not always available since my 3G SIM card stopped working - apparently I cannot just swap my FIDO and the Spanish SIM whenever I want. I will have to see about that when we get to a larger town, in the meantime I am dependent on WIFI.
Finding our way along is not all that difficult. There are tiles like in the first picture mounted on the sides of buildings in villages and sometimes there is a shell embedded in the concrete sidewalk like above, but mostly there are yellow arrows, like someone with a bucket of yellow paint and a paint brush has walked the route and left his mark. We also have seen granite markers like in the next photo - sort of like a gravestone monument.
The picture above is from the first open stretch into rural territory out of Seville. This was a long flat straight stretch to Guillena.
I wrote the following after the 2nd night out at the Albergue at Castilblanco. I will upload it and some pictures while I have connectivity at the Albergue here in El Real de la Jara.
We made Guillena yesterday by 6:30 and after refreshing with a shower and washing up our laundry we set out to find food and drink. Most places were not serving dinner - it was 8:30 by this time and the small town closes up early it seems. We found a nice little place - and enjoyed some vino and a light meal and then it was back to the Alburgue for us - time to tuck into our upper bunks in a room full of Peregrinos. Checkout time was 8:30 a.m.
Today was a 17 km walk through rocky and hilly terrain. We first dropped by the post office and mailed a package of stuff to the endpoint. Having carried over 20 pounds (with water and poles) the first day we decided a lighter load was necessary and so I found several pounds of unnecessary stuff to mail onward. The 3 of us walked with lighter packs.

Today's walk to Castilblanco provided us with spectacular views and almost the entire route was through countryside. We made it to our Alburgue by 3:30.

Got to run - time to go find some dinner!

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