Friday, April 20, 2012

Fuentes de Cantos Day 6

Today was a nice walk through rolling farmland but it was quite cold and cloudy with a brisk wind that sometimes was misty. Not my choice of weather but as someone said - we will see worse at some point. The good news is that today was mostly downhill. The elevation went from 740 meters above sea level at Monestario to 585 here at Fuente de Cantos 21.6 km away. My feet are really tired at the end of the walk each day and the soles of my feet ache. It is amazing that after a good night's sleep the aches (mostly) disappear and I am ready for the next leg. I am a bit worried as I have a couple of foot issues that I am dealing with. Swollen big toes and a couple of friction spots that I am hoping don't develop into blisters.

 I guess we have a bit of walking to do and this Finca gate just made that clear - each arrow points out the distance between Seville and Santiago.  889 KM to go!

 The best part of today is the Albergue is a repurposed and totally renovated convent, originally built in 1598 called Pintor de Los Frailes. It is beautiful and serene. Best of all they have a laundry service and we can get our clothes clean and best of all -dry.
 A very understated exterior of the Convent. I can hardly believe that it is 10 Euros a night plus 2 for breakfast.

Tomorrow we will probably end up going through Calzadilla and Puebla to Zafra which is 24 km. If my feet get worse I may have to take it easy and stop before I get all the way there. We will see.

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