Monday, April 23, 2012

Torremejia - Day 9

Today was a long 28 km trek down a straight farm road between fields of grapes and olives. The sun was out but the wind was strong so made the going tough. Pretty boring and the longest stretch for us yet. Yet not as bad as I thought, I am tired but my toes are healing so all is good.

Someone abandoned their hiking boots on the trail along with an empty bottle of wine. I wonder what stories those boots could tell?

I won't think of ice cream anymore when someone says rocky road. Hard to believe that the tractors cultivate these fields. You would think the only machine useful would be a grader.

There are more than a few cyclists doing the Camino. I suspect that they might have tough going in a few spots.

 It is Ian's birthday today so we are going to the pub for a beer.

 We had a great party at the local restaurant/bar at Torremejia and celebrated Ian's birthday in style! The Peregrino meal was the best I've had yet. Primero plato was billed as a salad of 3 peppers and it was great - roasted peppers and onions dressed with spices with oil and vinegar. I ordered the pollo (chicken) as the secondo and had flan for dessert. These Peregrino meals seem to come with a few glasses of wine each - they just plonk the bottle down and bring another when the first one is done. What a deal! Last night's meal was only 9 EU each and and another 3 for the liqueur we had afterwards! The wine was bottled in the town of Torremejia and was really good.
We are taking a resting day after tomorrow's 14 km walk to Merida.  We are all looking for a break from the long walks each day.

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