Sunday, May 6, 2012

Granja de Moreruela - Day 22

The full moon was just setting as we got ready for the day's march and I was able to catch it with my camera.

I think the walk from Montamarta to Granja the best walking day we have had yet. It was a perfect combination of great weather and fabulous scenery. The 21 km was an easy walk and the crowd of 20 or so Peregrinos from the Alberge at Montamarta arrived pretty much en mass at the Albergue at Granja! We had plenty of time so a few of us stopped at the local pub in the village just 4 km from for a beer before finishing the route.

Let me just show you a sample of the photos from the days walk.






The Albergue was probably the most basic we have encountered, however it's redeeming grace was that it was in the same building as the village pub. It was overflowing with Peregrinos and some were even put on mattresses on the floor. There were about 20 of us in all. It was Sunday and all the stores were shut all day, but the pub was open and served us wine all afternoon and did a pilgrim's meal "banquet" for us in the early evening. We were celebrating a couple of birthdays and also it would be the last night we would be seeing some of these folks because the next day the road splits between two routes. More on that in tomorrow's blog.

Here are some of our party pictures.









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