Monday, May 21, 2012

Posada de Salceda Day 37

The mornings are pretty routine in the Albergues and this morning was no different, except Barb was in a different dorm room than Ian and I. Normally, there are a few early birds who quietly (or not so quietly) pack their things and slip out of the Albergue at 5:30 or 6 a.m. Then at some point usually around 6:15 or 6:30 the main group start to stir and then someone flips on the lights. Usually, most everyone starts getting up and ready to leave then, except the die hard sleepers who pull the covers over their heads and curse the noise of rustling while everyone else makes their getaway. Everyone had to be gone from the Albergue by 8 or sometimes, if you are lucky, 9 a.m.

This morning Ian and I were blessed with a little bit of a lie in, since the crowd of Peregrinos with which we shared a room seemed to be mostly late sleepers and no one turned on the light. So it was after 7:30 when we were re day. Ian and I grabbed a bite of breakfast at the cafe and were off about 8:30. Barb was already on her way by the time we surfaced, I guess she had a room full of early risers.


As always it is upward toward the next hill (there are no more real mountains), as we leave town. This phot was taken looking back at Melida as we left town.

The day was pretty cold and grey, but that is what I have been expecting from Galicia. We passed the 50 k way marker just outside Melide.

These days we don't walk together much and so when I had to stop for a toilet break, Ian forged ahead. I had in mind to go about 20 k and then look for an Albergue, although I was tempted to quit when I went through Arzua, I pressed ahead.

I noticed several rest stops along the way, although it was too cold to want to stop.

Today I noticed lemon trees with beautiful yellow fruit seemingly ready for picking.

I managed to pass the 30 k marker at about 2:30, but it was getting late for walking and the next Albergue was still a good distance ahead. It started to rain just outside of Azua.

By the time I'd reached Postada de Saceda at 3:30 the Alberge was full. The next Albergue is over 6 k ahead and possibly it too was full. I decided to check into the hotel which adjoined the Albergue. What a treat! It is really nice to have my own single room, with real sheets, a TV and a privat bath! It was 35€ though, but given how nice the place is I think The price is right.

The best part is that I have discovered that Barb is I the Albergue in town so I will be able to meet her for dinner. Ian however decided to stay in the town of Azua, so he will be about 9 k behind us tomorrow.



  1. Just another wonderful Camino coincidence that Peggy and I could end up in the same marvelous place without any plan! I didn't realize that she hadn't left this morning and headed out solo.

  2. You and your companions must be getting tired, wearing down, Peggy. The talk slows, and even ends, and all effort and energy goes toward walking and walking and walking.

    You brought back a lost memory.

  3. Your absolutely right, Fram. After so many days on the road you get so weary. Each day becomes harder than the last to finish and the road just seems to go on forever.

    Souncs like you have been there as well. Glad we both managed to make it to the end. Just working on my arrival blog now. Please stay tuned.