Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rabaneal del Camino - Day 28

Today was another hot day for walking, but fortunately for us the scenery was really nice and there were four or five villages to provide interest as well as places to stop for a snack. We now are passing through alpine meadows and pine forests. At our stopping point today we reached 1153 meters above sea level, a good deal higher than Astorga at 870. Tomorrow we will reach the highest altitude on the length of the Camino at Cruz de Ferro which is 1500.


The Camino Frances is very well serviced for Peregrinos, certainly compared to the VDLP route. There are lots of accommodations and places to stop for a drink or something to eat and even in between villages there are rests tops with picnic tables and benches.



There are a lot of travelers on this route, I would guess that there was someone every 20 meters or so on the whole length of the trail. That said, the accommodations seem to be more than adequate as there seem to be lots of Albergues, Refugio's and other lodgings in every village.


There was about a kilometer of fencing along the route where Peregrinos had fashioned crosses from twigs and attached to the fence.


We reached Rabanal del Camino by about 2:30 and settled into a Municipal Albergue for 4€. It was quite nice. We were housed in a two story stone building and there was one bedrooms with bunk beds to house 22 on the lower floor and another bedroom on the second floor which housed another 10 or so. There was a kitchen and a common room, but the weather was so great we just sat out in the garden. There was Internet but for some reason I could not get my iPad to connect, so I wrote this offline blog to upload later.


After laundry and siesta, we explored the pretty village and had a pasta dinner at a small restaurant.

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