Saturday, May 19, 2012

Palas de Rei - Day 35

I set off ahead of Barb and Ian today as I awoke early. The forecast had been for rain but when I set out there was sun although it was was quite cool.

There was fog hanging over the river valley as I made my way up the mountainside. The view made the walk pleasant.

We were back to muddy trails for a while, I guess the cement walkway we had yesterday was just local to Portomarin.

There were one or two showers, but for the most part it was just the sun playing peek a boo through the clouds.

As usual, it was up up up, then down down, down.

I had meant to stop after about 20 k, at Airexe (which is where Barb and Ian stopped) but I was walking with some others chatting and before I knew it I was at Palas de Rei, which is 5 k further.

The guidebook shows tomorrow as a 28k Etapa (or stage) but I think I may do a shorter distance, depending on the weather and my feet. Officially, according to my guide book, there are 3 stages left to Santiago - 28, 19 and 20 k each, which would put us at our destination on Tuesday. That said 28 k is a 7 hour walk which is a longer day. My feet sure are happier with a 5 or 6 hour day these days.

I am off to find some dinner and will post some pictures of the town later. It has been pouring rain for a while, so I may just have to camp out at the bar downstairs!

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