Friday, May 18, 2012

Portomarin - Day 34

While my Albergue last night was really nice, I had a difficult time getting any rest. Peregrinos generally are a tired bunch. Some get to bed before 9 but certainly most are tucked in and askeep before 10. Normally lights out in the communal dorm rooms is at 10:30 and by then most are asleep.

Someone flipped the lights on at 6 a.m. and as a consequence i had an earlier than usual start.



It was a 21 k walk out if the valley and over to the next valley to Portomarin. It threatened rain in the morning but cleared as the day progressed. By the afternoon the sun was peaking beneath the clouds.


This is something called an horreo. It is like a little barn and is used to store things like grains and chestnuts. Bricks with small holes are used to provide ventilation without allowing rodents access.

This is the road marker for the last 100 k! We are in the home stretch!

We now have better paths to walk on. It is the last 100 k and it seems there are no more muddy paths to walk thRough - we have cement walks with a drainage ditch beside the walkway.

It seems these days the route is always the same - over the mountain and up to the next town or up, up, up then down, down, down then a bit of up. Always the valley is a bit lower altitude than the last and the next mountain a bit lower. We are now really out of the mountains with just really big hills ahead. We have reached 387 m above sea level at Portomarin.

Portomarin is on the side of a large river which has been damed off to form a reservoir. Some of the town had to be moved to high ground when they did this.

It is a pretty town and there is a concert at the church today which is starting soon. We have checked into an Alberge but the Internet connection is flakey and I keep losing the connection. I had better run.

Hasta maƱana amigos!


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