Sunday, May 20, 2012

Melide - Day 36

I got an early enough steart from Palas de Rei but I had some stomach problems so only managed to do 15 k before deciding to call it a day.

The day was cold and grey, but it didn't rain so there was some saving grace. The countryside is mostly woods and the odd bit of pasture land along with the odd little stone village.

On the plus side, this short day meant that Barb and Ian were able to catch up with me and we wer all able to book into a private Albergue in Melido.

Funny thing is that we have started to see taxi signs along the route. I guess some people can't make it any further and need to call a cab to the 34 k marker.

Melido is a fairly large town and when I arrived the downtown was full of people, seems Sunday is the day that they have a big flea market in the main plaza area.

At 12€ the Albergue was quite expensive based on what we have been used to and it didn't even have wifi.

After dinner we three decided that we would time our arrival in Santiago to be Wed the 23rd, which would mean a couple of short days at the end as we are just over 50 k from our destination.


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